Rio Salado Audubon Center

A Nature Center for City Dwellers

Rio Salado Audubon Center is a nature center developed by the National Audubon Society in partnership with the City of Phoenix. It’s strategically located in the heart of the city with the goal to make nature-based education accessible to a multicultural community in the city’s central neighborhoods. The center includes an interactive nature conservancy exhibition and a multi-purpose learning center for community use. Exhibition spaces introduce visitors to the riparian ecology of the Rio Salado, while interpretive trails provide opportunities for self-directed learning and exploration. The project includes a roof-integrated photovoltaic solar system that produces approximately 50% of the Center’s annual energy demand. Similarly, wastewater is treated through an innovative on-site treatment system, which allows it to be used for the center’s landscape irrigation needs.

Project Information


Phoenix, Arizona


Floor Associates, Landscape Architect

Ganymede Design Group, Interpretive Design

Awards and Recognition

LEED, Platinum Certification

Arizona Forward, President’s Award for Environmental Excellence

AIA Western Mountain Region, Honor Award

AIA Arizona, Sustainable Design Award

Press and Publications

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