Cavalliere Park

The Desert Park, Reimagined

George ‘Doc’ Cavalliere Park is the first phase of a master plan for a 34-acre park nestled in an idyllic desert landscape. Tucked between two significant flood control basins, the site is part of Scottsdale’s regional stormwater management system. Preserving open space, respecting existing neighborhoods, and creating an example of sustainability that bridged Scottsdale’s history with its future were all guiding principles of the project. Taking cues from the mountainous topography encircling the site and existing canopies of mesquite bosque, the design presents an interplay of structure and natural landscape. Weaving together the built and natural environments addresses pragmatic requirements while blending the neighborhood park program into the natural desert landscape.

Project Information


Scottsdale, Arizona


Floor Associates, Landscape Architect

Jeff Zischke, Public Art

Awards and Recognition

AIA Western Mountain Region, Honor Award

AIA Arizona, Honor Award

Arizona Forward, Crescordia Award

ASLA Arizona, Award of Excellence

Press and Publications

2013, George ‘Doc’ Cavalliere Park, Creating Shade: Design, Construction, Technology